• Saturday is activity day for Elijah, soccer and then learn to skate in the morning.  Both have been lots of fun, although skating is tough – lots of falls – but he’s hanging in there.  Soccer is lots of fun – Elijah does great, next step is learning to trust that if he actually passes the ball it might come back around, or we could be happy to let a teammate score even – a tough lesson, the glory is in the goals!
  • Had a great visit with Aunt Heather and Uncle Dave last night, it has been a while since we had that chance – was also good to get an update of how Grandma Mc is doing and how things are in Kennedy.  I continue to be grateful for the way my Aunts & Uncles/Mom & Dad have cared for my Grandparents – each in their own ways and making it work together.
  • Tara is off to Saskatoon with the boys for the day to visit some good friends and especially our young friend Ricky who is a foster child a part of the Dyer family, but who will moving within the next couple of months.  A tough situation.  It’ll be good for the boys to play with him again.
  • Played my first hockey game in 2 years this past Saturday – it was a lot of fun – I thought I was feeling pretty good, but I’m feeling the 2nd day soreness now.
  • Good lunch with Pastor Blair today – it’s really good to reconnect with friends like him – we have yet to try A&W like we used to in Dauphin.  Not sure my body can take it anymore.




  • enjoying Regina -slowly getting used to all the changes
  • moving in to our new house October 2nd (Help us move October 3rd?) – getting settled in there will be nice
  • officially sold our house to Jeremy – hope it doesn’t fall down anytime soon.
  • Bernard’s house has been such a gift for us as we wait – makes us feel as “at home” as possible I think.
  • connecting with lots of good friends again – this is great but has made it feel a bit busy at times.
  • work is good – so much to learn about the business process, but it’s good, I’m getting there slowly.
  • off to Glen Elm church retreat this weekend, looking forward to it.
  • Elijah’s in preschool and loving it.
  • Michael is in t-ball and loving it (the one time he went).  I had to go to a company golf tournament, but apparently his cheering section of 2 cousins, 2 grandparents, 2 aunts, 1 older brother, 1 mother and a Korean exchange student was the largest in the gym.  Reports say he was by far the best player as well…  (of course says Grandpa Laliberte!)
  • Tara starts work next week – 2 shifts a week – she has found lots to do but that might help make things seem more normal.
  • last night Auntie Harm stopped by for a quick visit with a present for Michael – his very own ball glove (she bought Elijah his a few years ago) – made him feel very special.  This is one huge reason why I moved here… thanks harm. 

From the Red Deer

We’re enjoying a great week in Red Deer.  Weather has been perfect, and it’s always lots of fun at Grandma & Grandpa’s house.  Tara & I even got to pop down and see Heather’s new house for a few hours on Monday.  I also got my yearly golf game in yesterday with the father in law – about 9 holes is when I start getting bored with the game, but that many is just right.  One more day then back to Saskatoon for Tara’s goodbyes and on to Regina.

Last Day

Last day of work today, just when I was starting to figure this job out!  Saskatoon Health Region has been a good place to work.  Now it’s time to move on…

House Stuff

We’ve accepted an offer on our house.  It was nice to have lots of interest in the house, but it’s stressful trying to make the right decision – could be worse of course – it would be much worse sitting around and waiting for people to come look.  Now to find somewhere to live in Regina…

Weekend Happenings

We traveled down to Regina/Kennedy this past weekend….

  • spent Friday looking at houses – covered about 12 in the southern part of the city, about 3 possibilities – but the first step is to sell ours of course.
  • stayed at Wilf & Laura’s since Mom&Dad’s house was full with other family – we had a great time there, giving Nic advice is always fun – I think he realizes I’m not quite as arrogant as I usually act around him, but I don’t want to stop –  after years of a friendship based on this sort of advice and arrogance he would be thrown off by any such change.
  • Saturday we traveled down to Kennedy to join in with the McMillan Family Reunion – which included a bunch of my relatives from my Grandfather’s side, most of which I don’t know.  It was good to learn a bit more about my family history and meet some new people.
  • We also celebrated and recognized my grandparents on their 72nd Anniversary.  This is just amazing – however as my Dad said that night, the length is one thing, but the quality of the relationship is another even better.
  • Sunday night we put our house up on Saskhouses.com – that has already sparked a few inquiries so that is good

Moving to Regina

Well, let’s make this public for those who read the blog but haven’t received a phone call or email – there shouldn’t be that many of you, we’re sorry we missed you…

Our family is moving to Regina from Saskatoon.  I have accepted a job at EDS there and the plan is to start work in early September.  I am excited about a new position and being closer to some of my family and the possibilities of re-connecting with some old friends, and I am sad to be leaving relationships in Saskatoon.  We spent this past weekend in Regina with friends and family thinking about and celebrating my parent’s work in India – which was great.  We also spent some time looking at houses, which was tiring – we didn’t find anything good but I’m sure that will work out.

If you know someone who would like to purchase a great house in Saskatoon, please tell them to contact us.  We’ll put up some details soon.

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