Recent Entertainment

  • Madagascar 2 for Friday night movie night with the boys: it was okay. A little overdone maybe. The penguins are very funny.
  • Western Development Museum – Saturday out with the family. It was lots of fun, better than I expected. Highlights were the Comfortractor and the model train exhibits. There was even a group of older guys there working on a massive train set – when I wasn’t gaping myself it was cool to see Elijah just stand and stare.
  • The Great Escape was watched for FatherInLaw movie night Saturday (the ladies abandoned us on Valentines Day): I made the tragic mistake of asking “Was Steve McQueen an actor or what?” earlier in the day, which immediately confirmed the movie choice for that night. It was between this one and a Clint Eastwood trilogy so it was hard to make a bad choice. I enjoyed the show, most definitely a classic.
  • The International – Sunday night guys out. It was a letdown. Seemed like it could have been so much better. Would likely make a better book.
  • Oh ya, Saturday night the ladies went to He’s Just Not That Into You, I can’t say I’m sorry I missed that one.
  • A couple of weeks ago Tara and I went to Slumdog Millionaire. It was good, maybe as good as the hype, and even better when you’ve been to India I think. The only negative I can think of is that it might not portray a full picture of India, or some who haven’t seen the real thing might think that India is all about things like slum kids being taken advantage of.
  • I bought Dierks Bentley’s latest album yesterday. I like it.
  • Michael is very funny these days,  the best entertainment of all.

Mutant Super Heroes

Brianne & Arlen were nice enough to look after the kid last night for a few hours, (good practice they say or something like that) so we could head off to watch X-Men 3. It was good, I don’t think maybe as good as the other two perhaps, but about what I expected. Funny thing – I don’t know that any of us would want to be a mutant, but I wouldn’t mind superpowers… So my favorite Mutant who would that be? I spent some time reading about them this morning. There’s always Wikipedia of course to give you a good summary, and for some in depth facts about the different characters you could go here. Wolverine has gotta be my favorite overall, but you gotta love being able to read minds like Xavier or walking through walls like Kitty Pryde. I actually haven’t read the comics, which provide a whole bunch more information to all the characters of course.

There’s always the chance of an X4, especially since they made so much money on this one, fourth most ever I think I heard – but from what I read today it looks like now they are going to do spin offs with certain characters, and have one planned for Wolverine and for Magneto. Should be good.

Ok – enough geeky comic stuff… how about this link – almost super hero wings for the military – maybe the brits will sell Canada their old ones in a few decades…

Walk The Line

Heather bought Walk the Line – the Johnny Cash/June Carter story for those that don’t know, and I really enjoyed it. Some reflections include:
– wow thems some talented people that Reesees Weatherspoon and Jokin Pheenix.
– Johnny Cash was huge! I read some more about him (Wikipedia) after the movie and couldn’t believe how long and big/wide his career was.
– Running After Father: the biggest reason this movie hit me hard. Someone needs to write a book with this title then give me some of the profit because I thought of it. It was very enlightening to watch how Johnny spent his life trying to get his father’s attention and approval. I could relate – my Dad who gave me lots of approval, but there’s still something deep deep down that says “Hey Dad look at me!” Perhaps there’s something way down deep in all of us? It’s already started for my son – amazing, scary stuff.

Flippin’ Sweet

I just watched Napoleon Dynamite… my life is now complete.
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