Violence in Northeast India

Some major violence in the city where my parents are living.  They are okay but scary stuff.  Comments on my Dad’s blog here.

Some facts about violence in Northeast India


Bethany Dillon/Shane&Shane/DavidNasser/Starfield

Last night’s concert was pretty good – parts of it were excellent.  Bethany Dillon did about 3 songs and was okay, but it was fairly obvious that she was along for the ride.  They had the bass cranked up way too high during her show and her vocals were quiet so that was unfortunate, since she really does have a great voice and some very cool lyrics.  She just married Shane Barnard, which kind of explains why they are touring together I guess.

Shane & Shane, the reason I was attending the concert, were as good as expected – and my expectations were very high.  My new facebook friend cousin Malcolm had told me that their concerts were worth attending and very authentic – which I found to be true.  They seemed like mature and very authentic performers -and they can really play and sing. 

Nasser was okay – about like I remembered him from a few years ago when I saw him about 4 times over 2 years.  At least it was a new sermon, unlike those 4 times.

We didn’t make it through Starfield they were loud and had flashing lights that made me feel really old.

The craziest thing of the night was the trajedy that had happened to the tour during their concert last Friday in Abbotsford, when the floor of the church they were playing in collapsed and the first few rows of people and the bands light/sound towers fell in to the basement – some were injured seriously and are still in the hospital – sounded like a crazy crazy night, and you could tell it had had a big impact on everyone performing on the tour.  More info here.


Tonight in this house, we are hurting for our co-workers and friends, and especially the wife daughter and family of our co-worker Cst. Chris Worden who was killed this morning in Hay River.  He was one of the best we worked with, and the night seems extra dark tonight.


A couple of years ago Cody Peterson and I went out for lunch while he was back in town for a break from school in Regina.  I was about half an inch into my foot long when Cody announced “Tim I’ve found the girl I’m going to marry”.  I felt very old, mature and wise and chuckled to myself… ah youngsters… young love… likely doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.  I think I should have known better – even though the relationship in question was all of about 4 days old I think.  Cody is a quality guy, and therefore he knew a quality girl when he saw Dayna. 

All this to say congrats to both of them on their engagement.  We’ve felt very lucky to have them in our house often over the past months. 

You are both very special people – and will always hold a special place in our family, and we’re completely thrilled to watch you take this next step in the journey – blessings! 


– I bought some Kicking Horse coffee from Co-op the other day. The last two mornings it has tasted wonderful. It has a bunch of seals and stickers on it saying stuff like “organic” and “fair trade” so I thought John & Ang would be proud of me.

– My big purchase on the holiday was a pair of jeans and a shirt from Old Navy and a Michael Buble disc. Man can that guy sing, and how can you not snap your fingers when you listen to that style of music, come on Jer & Nic – you know it’s true…

– The Sharks/Wings game was very nice to watch last night, the outcome was especially beautiful eh Kurtis? Go blackhawks – HA!
– Happy Birthday Ev, Doug, Dayna & Cody – your friendship is appreciated, hope you have a great year.
– Did you see the African Children’s Choir on American Idol, Extra, or Ellen last week? Have you taken time to phone them up (877 532-8651) and offer your VISA number? There are a few clips on youtube if you search for, you guessed it, “african children’s choir”. Dave Turner can even be seen in the background of one of them, laughing as Ellen sings with the kids… I see they are hitting some places in Alberta and north this summer including the CofC in Calgary – you should go see them if they are anywhere close.

– We are listing our house this week, info should be up around here and other places by the weekend. If you know anyone who is in the market to buy please send them our direction.

– I’ve been doing my email and calendar stuff over the past while on gmail and google calendar, and I’ve been quite impressed…
– Elijah, Michael and I had a short but sweet video chat with Auntie Harm last night – that was good. We miss her.

The next one


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Once in a while I sit with my wife and watch American Idol… this man makes it a weird combination of torture and comedy – how will they get rid of him?

Yk Fire vs. RCMP

Yk Fire Rescue hat

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Well the hockey game yesterday was fun. A big crowd was out and I think they likely raised a fair bit of money. Our RCMP team was nice enough to let them beat us this first year, I think it ended up about 8-5, which is better than we expected. I think we need to hire a few temporary employees from some A league teams next year so we can take the “Cup” next year. Was a good day, since I’ve started working with the RCMP I’m much more aware and thankful for events like this that recognize the “emergency responders” in our midst and the risks they take. The YKFD was nice enough to give us free hats, and Tim Hortons threw in some donuts and a mug for each, so at least we got to take something home. You should ask Paul Houle to buy you coffee since he was the lucky 50/50 winner for the day….

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