Long Weekend

Had a great time this long weekend – highlights included:

  • Joining in with a couple of days at Upward Soccer Camp @ Glen Elm
  • Enjoying time with cousins as Steve & Rebecca and family were around this week.
  • Watching one of the best Rider games of the decade.
  • An afternoon at the waterslides with Auntie Harm, Andrew, Autumn, Aiden, Emily, Veronique, & Danae.
  • Celebrating Uncle John & Aunt Carolyn’s 40th Anniversary in Kennedy with friends and family.


Rethinking Christmas: The Real St. Nick

This looks like a really cool idea for creating a bit of a different mood Christmas morning – I could use a way to think a little more outwardly during that time I think.  Anyone know a place in Regina who could use some used clean toys?

Easter Weekend

We had an incredibly good weekend in Dauphin with the Foster’s – I hope to put some pictures and videos up some time in the next week.

Happy Birthday Michael

Tonight we are celebrating Michael’s birthday – somehow we managed to round up a few people to celebrate while we consume some ice cream cake. Our two year old brings a neat personality and humour all his own to our family, so much to be thankful for.

Back Home

We’re back home safe. We had a great holiday – the boys had some quality time being the only kids for Grandma and Grandpa Laliberte, then had a great time being one of many with their cousins in Calgary then Kennedy. I’ll work today and tomorrow then back to school on Monday.

Done… Starting

And then there were none. That is a fun week to have done. We’re in Red Deer, Nicole just arrived. That’s almost a Nic like Haiku.


I had a great ten days away in AB and SK. About 5 and I was ready to come back and see my family in YK but the holiday was filled with really good things.

Here’s one picture of the group of riders, the rest are on my Flickr page, which I hope you can find by clicking to the left somewhere.

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