Done… Starting

And then there were none. That is a fun week to have done. We’re in Red Deer, Nicole just arrived. That’s almost a Nic like Haiku.


One Done

C# done for a few weeks. 5 to go.
SELECT * (or at least 50%)
FROM DatabaseKnowledge
WHERE Exam = tomorrow;

Trying to learn

A school update:

  • Current assignments due in the next two weeks: 6
  • Current assignments complete: 1
  • Languages: Javascript, SQL, Perl, Java, C#, Bash Script (is that officially a language? I can’t remember), HTML/XHTML/DHTML(whatever the right acronym is these days), and Flex (no wonder I’m forgetting where to put the brackets and semicolons!)
  • Some tough topics: everything in computational math class(every time she says “you should remember this from Grade 12 math class” I cringe); binary search trees; perl;
  • Overall it’s going okay – I’m surviving and May 29 is getting closer.

Word of the Day


Can you guess what class and what it means?


This semester’s classes include the following:

  • Networking 2: I like this stuff so far.
  • Hardware 1
  • Database Management: I had no idea databases were such a huge topic.  Makes sense when you think about it (managing your driving info), but still – it’s huge.
  • Web Design 1: pretty simple stuff so far, but something I’ve been looking forward to learning.
  • Programming 2: ouch.
  • Systems Analysis & Design: I don’t know what this means either.  Right now he’s talking about Recursion and Fibonacci – topics that just make my head spin.
  • Statistics: why am I taking this?  I don’t know either. 
  • Technical Communication: grammar for computer people?  I don’t like grammar.

Looks like programming and database mgmt will be the tough ones once again.


Finals for Tim this week, 7 in total – 2 down including the hardest one, which is nice.  Friday will be even nicer when I start 2 weeks of freedom and family frenzy.  The plan is to head to Red Deer on Saturday for a few days then on to Calgary – back to Kennedy for Jan 1.  Now back to the studies…


House = quiet. if family = gone house = quiet.  quiet = study? . Excel midterm exam=Wednesday.  If study = 0 then mark = ?.  JAVA = mind mush.

Dog needs walking… maybe study later.

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