2011-12 NHL Player Map

This is kind of cool. – Map of where NHL players come from.


90/300 Elijah Hockey Tournament

Yesterday Elijah had his first hockey “tournament” out in Odessa.  The tourney consisted of two games.  It was a really good morning, and brought back a lot of good memories for me of traveling to small town rinks throughout the province as a kid.  There’s just something about a rink burger…  Elijah had a great time as usual – he just really loves the game right now.  The first game we played Zdeno Chara (I’m not sure how they snuck a 12 year old into the 3-4-5 league) and the Predators and lost about 15-4.  Elijah was discouraged by the loss (“They killed us!”) but played pretty well and even got a few goals on the big guy’s line.  The second game we destroyed the Canadiens by about the same score, and Elijah scored a bunch and even got a nice wrap around goal, along with some good passes to his linemates Tommy, Sam & Grace.  It was great to see some of the smaller players on our team get to score a few goals and spend some more time with the puck.  There was also an attempt to teach a lesson after game two…. “You know how you felt when the Predators beat you?  You think maybe that’s how the Canadiens are feeling now?”

Elijah #11 First Hockey Tournament in Odessa Jan 30, 2011


Happy Birthday to the Great One

Great article here about the greatest hockey player ever.

Sport Videos

Two youtubers I thought were good over that past few days…

Heather showed me this one, it’s always funny watching people laugh honestly.

And that Sid guy can shoot the puck!


Federer’s playground

Yeah – that guy is good.

And might as well throw this one in there too… can’t find whether it’s fake or not.

Michael’s Soccer

And Michael’s soccer from Thursday night.  I love the middle picture.

Elijah’s Soccer

Our family is playing soccer 4 times a week these days… 2 nights for each kid.  Here’s some pics from Elijah’s game tonight.

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