Shovel that sidewalk

The City of Saskatoon’s bylaw that you have to shovel your sidewalk within 48 hours (24 for businesses) is kind of goofy, but it sure does make it nice walking the dog.


Enchanted Coffee for Kids

Last night we visited Enchantaland Coffee Parlour.  If you live in Saskatoon and have kids 0-6 you might want to check it out.  It’s basically a coffee shop with a large play area for the kids.  It’s  a bit expensive ($5 entry fee for over 1 yr., and $2 under 1) so we won’t be going all that often, but it was a clean, well equipped area for the kids to play, and Tara and I enjoyed some nice “starbucks” like coffee products.  Last night there was only one other child there (just as we were leaving) so the boys had all the toys to themselves.  There are also puppet shows and other activities at different times during the day – again, they seemed fairly expensive, but it seemed like they would be quality events.

Burger King’s play area is free of course, and that’s the type of place where we’ll be going most of the time these days, but this place will be nice every once in a while when we want a clean quality play time.

Red White & Win

Wednesday night I and 5 good friends had tickets to the Russia vs. Canada Super Series at Credit Union Place.  It was a fun night.  Our tickets were the row behind the Russian penalty box.  This meant the on ice action was up close and personal.  The Russians took a ton of penalties, so we had numerous opportunities to greet them with warm Canadian hockey fan hospitality, one guy even tried to break his steak in Joel’s teeth, Joel just has a gift when it comes to hockey I guess.  Arlen wanted to pour his beer on Tuluooopov and jump in the box for a fight but luckily for the Russian, Preston held Arlo back.

As Nic duly noted, the arena was deathly quiet for the first 15 minutes of the game, and for a while I think everyone thought Saskatoon might be the location of the Canada’s first loss, but by the end of the game the crowd was sufficiently liqueured… err I mean limbered up that lots of noise was being made.  Team Canada responded of course and came out victorious. 

As far as the hockey was concerned, it reminded me a bit of a B league Rec team in YK trying to play an A team, Russia could keep up, especially for the first couple periods but they had to take a ton of penalties, played very individualistically, and Canada was just too strong. 

Hats off to the boys in Red & White, you did us proud.

Red, White, & Win
We wear the red, we wear the white
We stand together with all of our might
Hockey’s our game so let us begin
We are Canada – Canada, and we’re here to win

We come from the country,
we come from the towns
we meet wherever a rink can be found
We love every moment that we’re on the ice
winning is the prize and hard work is the price

Portons le rouge, Portons le blanc
et tous ensemble prenons notre elan
coup d’sifflet la partie commence
Canada, Canada, nous gagnerons

We skate for our country, we skate for the game
We’ve come together in Canada’s name
we pride in ourselves and pride in our team
so join in our song if you know what we mean …


Brianne, Arlen & Cindy were nice enough to pick me up from school today.  It took us 2 and a half hours to get to Fuddrucker’s for supper.  Isn’t big city living nice?

Dear City of Saskatoon:

Is it really necessary to shut down 2 out of 3 lanes of the main bridge during a very busy time of year?  If so, is there any chance we could spend a few extra bucks and actually have people working on those closed lanes, even after 5 PM, so that maybe when the Fosters come back in a few months they won’t have to go through the exact same thing?

Saskatoon Events

One of the things we are looking forward to about being “south” is the chance to go some more concerts, sporting events etc.  Of course we don’t look forward to not having enough money to go to everything we want to!  All things considered (size and location) I think we’ve had some pretty good shows and events up here in YK, but it looks like there will be a few more choices in Saskatoon. 

Here’s some of the events that are on our radar over the next few months, anyone want to join us? 

– As duly noted on Jason’s blogCaedmon’s Call is a great band that never seems to tour Canada.  They will be in Winnipeg August 30th.

Brad Paisley will be in Saskatoon October 13th.  Looks like there’s still a few tickets left.  Also bought his newest album last week, good stuff as per usual.

The Russia/Canada “Summit Series” Junior version 35 years later September 5 in Saskatoon.  Tickets go on sale this week.  They are also hitting Red Deer and Winnipeg.

– Being closer to the Riders will be nice of course.

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