• enjoying Regina -slowly getting used to all the changes
  • moving in to our new house October 2nd (Help us move October 3rd?) – getting settled in there will be nice
  • officially sold our house to Jeremy – hope it doesn’t fall down anytime soon.
  • Bernard’s house has been such a gift for us as we wait – makes us feel as “at home” as possible I think.
  • connecting with lots of good friends again – this is great but has made it feel a bit busy at times.
  • work is good – so much to learn about the business process, but it’s good, I’m getting there slowly.
  • off to Glen Elm church retreat this weekend, looking forward to it.
  • Elijah’s in preschool and loving it.
  • Michael is in t-ball and loving it (the one time he went).  I had to go to a company golf tournament, but apparently his cheering section of 2 cousins, 2 grandparents, 2 aunts, 1 older brother, 1 mother and a Korean exchange student was the largest in the gym.  Reports say he was by far the best player as well…  (of course says Grandpa Laliberte!)
  • Tara starts work next week – 2 shifts a week – she has found lots to do but that might help make things seem more normal.
  • last night Auntie Harm stopped by for a quick visit with a present for Michael – his very own ball glove (she bought Elijah his a few years ago) – made him feel very special.  This is one huge reason why I moved here… thanks harm. 

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