Where does Superman get dressed?

The other day in the car Elijah & were discussing how superheroes get their suits on and I was telling him how Superman stops in a phone booth to get changed really fast.  “What’s a phone booth Dad?” was his reply.   Conclusion: My son will never really use a phone booth, and the Superman legend is now flawed, and I may have found one of the reasons for the problems with our society.


90/300 Elijah Hockey Tournament

Yesterday Elijah had his first hockey “tournament” out in Odessa.  The tourney consisted of two games.  It was a really good morning, and brought back a lot of good memories for me of traveling to small town rinks throughout the province as a kid.  There’s just something about a rink burger…  Elijah had a great time as usual – he just really loves the game right now.  The first game we played Zdeno Chara (I’m not sure how they snuck a 12 year old into the 3-4-5 league) and the Predators and lost about 15-4.  Elijah was discouraged by the loss (“They killed us!”) but played pretty well and even got a few goals on the big guy’s line.  The second game we destroyed the Canadiens by about the same score, and Elijah scored a bunch and even got a nice wrap around goal, along with some good passes to his linemates Tommy, Sam & Grace.  It was great to see some of the smaller players on our team get to score a few goals and spend some more time with the puck.  There was also an attempt to teach a lesson after game two…. “You know how you felt when the Predators beat you?  You think maybe that’s how the Canadiens are feeling now?”

Elijah #11 First Hockey Tournament in Odessa Jan 30, 2011


Great Quotes

Elijah came home from school last week and he says, “Mom, you were right.  I shouldn’t watch TV all day.  My gym teacher told me me I have to Move it, Move it, Move it!”  He went on to say that if he watches TV or plays video games all day that when he gets old he’ll be sick.  He also said that we should NOT smoke!  I guess I should be happy that he is at least going to listen to his gym teacher:)

On another note… Michael and I were having breakfast the other morning and I asked him if he dreamt about anything.  He said he dreamt about God.  He said that in is dream God told his heart not to be afraid because He was going to protect him.  I then said, “So God told that to your heart, eh?”  He said, “Yup.”  That was it.

The more I listen to what my kids are saying about God the more I learn about God too. It is amazing to me that they often seem to have a better grasp on God and what he is all about than I do!  “Out of the mouths of babes,” as One would say.

Michael wrestling with Zap

At some point last night while at the Mooney residence, Michael managed to sap from a tree into his hair.  It likely had to do with wrestling with his older brother – since most painful events do these days.   But I digress… The funny thing was on the way home in the van Michael said over and over – “Mommy you’ve got to get this Zap out of my hair!”

Learning from Grandpa

I haven’t confirmed this one with Grandpa, but this is part of a conversation with Elijah last night while driving home:

Elijah:   “Daddy, sometimes boys let girls go down the stairs first you know…”

Me: “oh yeah – they say ladies first and let them go right?  Who told you that?”

Elijah: “Nobody told me, Grandpa did it once and I just noticed.”

Grandpa singing from Heaven

On the way to church a worship song is playing and Elijah says, “Is this Daddy’s Grandpa singing to us from heaven?” I say, “No.” He says, “Well, who is it then?” I say, “I’m not sure. I think it’s just some guy that sings Jesus songs.” “That’s nice,” he replies.

Michael Fighter Boy

For the history books… transferred over from Facebook/Twitter from about a week ago:

Michael has informed me that he no longer wishes to go by the name I chose for him. Apparently his name is now “fighter – boy”.

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