• Saturday is activity day for Elijah, soccer and then learn to skate in the morning.  Both have been lots of fun, although skating is tough – lots of falls – but he’s hanging in there.  Soccer is lots of fun – Elijah does great, next step is learning to trust that if he actually passes the ball it might come back around, or we could be happy to let a teammate score even – a tough lesson, the glory is in the goals!
  • Had a great visit with Aunt Heather and Uncle Dave last night, it has been a while since we had that chance – was also good to get an update of how Grandma Mc is doing and how things are in Kennedy.  I continue to be grateful for the way my Aunts & Uncles/Mom & Dad have cared for my Grandparents – each in their own ways and making it work together.
  • Tara is off to Saskatoon with the boys for the day to visit some good friends and especially our young friend Ricky who is a foster child a part of the Dyer family, but who will moving within the next couple of months.  A tough situation.  It’ll be good for the boys to play with him again.
  • Played my first hockey game in 2 years this past Saturday – it was a lot of fun – I thought I was feeling pretty good, but I’m feeling the 2nd day soreness now.
  • Good lunch with Pastor Blair today – it’s really good to reconnect with friends like him – we have yet to try A&W like we used to in Dauphin.  Not sure my body can take it anymore.



3 Responses to Happenings

  1. pastor blair…hahahaha!

    • Tim says:

      That wasn’t very nice sister-in-law/pastor’s wife… 😉 dont’ worry he thinks it’s kind of weird that I call him pastor too – but that’s what he is!

  2. jaclose says:

    I started playing hockey again last year after an 18 yr hiatus. It’s been a steep learning curve but I’m nearing the point where I’m no longer embarrassing the family…

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