Weekend Happenings

We traveled down to Regina/Kennedy this past weekend….

  • spent Friday looking at houses – covered about 12 in the southern part of the city, about 3 possibilities – but the first step is to sell ours of course.
  • stayed at Wilf & Laura’s since Mom&Dad’s house was full with other family – we had a great time there, giving Nic advice is always fun – I think he realizes I’m not quite as arrogant as I usually act around him, but I don’t want to stop –  after years of a friendship based on this sort of advice and arrogance he would be thrown off by any such change.
  • Saturday we traveled down to Kennedy to join in with the McMillan Family Reunion – which included a bunch of my relatives from my Grandfather’s side, most of which I don’t know.  It was good to learn a bit more about my family history and meet some new people.
  • We also celebrated and recognized my grandparents on their 72nd Anniversary.  This is just amazing – however as my Dad said that night, the length is one thing, but the quality of the relationship is another even better.
  • Sunday night we put our house up on Saskhouses.com – that has already sparked a few inquiries so that is good

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