Thinking of Grandpa

Remembering Grandpa McMillan today… thankful.


Where does Superman get dressed?

The other day in the car Elijah & were discussing how superheroes get their suits on and I was telling him how Superman stops in a phone booth to get changed really fast.  “What’s a phone booth Dad?” was his reply.   Conclusion: My son will never really use a phone booth, and the Superman legend is now flawed, and I may have found one of the reasons for the problems with our society.

90/300 Elijah Hockey Tournament

Yesterday Elijah had his first hockey “tournament” out in Odessa.  The tourney consisted of two games.  It was a really good morning, and brought back a lot of good memories for me of traveling to small town rinks throughout the province as a kid.  There’s just something about a rink burger…  Elijah had a great time as usual – he just really loves the game right now.  The first game we played Zdeno Chara (I’m not sure how they snuck a 12 year old into the 3-4-5 league) and the Predators and lost about 15-4.  Elijah was discouraged by the loss (“They killed us!”) but played pretty well and even got a few goals on the big guy’s line.  The second game we destroyed the Canadiens by about the same score, and Elijah scored a bunch and even got a nice wrap around goal, along with some good passes to his linemates Tommy, Sam & Grace.  It was great to see some of the smaller players on our team get to score a few goals and spend some more time with the puck.  There was also an attempt to teach a lesson after game two…. “You know how you felt when the Predators beat you?  You think maybe that’s how the Canadiens are feeling now?”

Elijah #11 First Hockey Tournament in Odessa Jan 30, 2011


87/300 Brothers

Elijah & Michael December 2010

Before Christmas Cody & Dayna were nice enough to come over and take some quick family pictures.  I sometimes joke that Cody is Elijah’s personal professional photographer, since he’s been taking pictures since Elijah was a baby.  In Yellowknife we used to beg Cody to babysit and at the end of the night he’d give us a couple hundred great pictures.  On this day Elijah was  a bit calmer than usual, but Michael was in fine form making us all laugh.  I especially liked this pic of the brothers, although there are other good ones to choose from.  Thanks once again for blessing our family with you talents Cody & Dayna!

If you’re in the Regina area and need some pictures taken – call up Peteron Photography & Design!

Happy Birthday Mom

Last week as my son threw up literally into my hand and all over my leg I realized one of the tough things about parenting – they don’t recognize how much they owe you soon enough.   As I spent the next half hour wading through it, I just thought… jeeez this is brutal, and he likely won’t thank me for another 3o years, if ever!  Oh yeah, I also thought “poor kid” – I’m not that heartless!

So, it’s about 30 years late Mom, but thanks for everything back then… just as important, thanks for all the ways you love me and mine today and now.

Happy Birthday!

House Concert – Jared McMillan – Tuesday

Call me or Harm for more info!  This will be a good night.


For young ones and for the young at heart- all are welcome! Come join us for a fun night of music from Jared McMillan. Wear your pj’s (and your cozy Dora foamy couch to sit on if you have one!) and get ready for some rockin’ and rollin’ tunes from Jared. We are aiming to get started around 6:15pm. Bedtime snack included!

How much does it cost?
$5 per person, or $15 for a family.
Jared will also have his cds available- $10 if you’d like a download card, or $15 for the cd.

More about Jared’s new album..

“Puttin’ on Janamas” is music that your kids will love to listen to at play and as they go to sleep. Jared McMillan’s first album of children’s music captures his folk sensibilities and offbeat sense of humor. The album begins with upbeat playful songs and slowly drifts to quieter bedtime music with a few stories interspersed for good measure. Although the album is aimed at a young audience it is still music that the whole family can enjoy.

You can read more about Jared and listen to a preview of his new album at this link:

83/300 Michael First Day of Pre-School

Michael's first day of pre-school

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