Great Quotes

Elijah came home from school last week and he says, “Mom, you were right.  I shouldn’t watch TV all day.  My gym teacher told me me I have to Move it, Move it, Move it!”  He went on to say that if he watches TV or plays video games all day that when he gets old he’ll be sick.  He also said that we should NOT smoke!  I guess I should be happy that he is at least going to listen to his gym teacher:)

On another note… Michael and I were having breakfast the other morning and I asked him if he dreamt about anything.  He said he dreamt about God.  He said that in is dream God told his heart not to be afraid because He was going to protect him.  I then said, “So God told that to your heart, eh?”  He said, “Yup.”  That was it.

The more I listen to what my kids are saying about God the more I learn about God too. It is amazing to me that they often seem to have a better grasp on God and what he is all about than I do!  “Out of the mouths of babes,” as One would say.


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