90/300 Elijah Hockey Tournament

Yesterday Elijah had his first hockey “tournament” out in Odessa.  The tourney consisted of two games.  It was a really good morning, and brought back a lot of good memories for me of traveling to small town rinks throughout the province as a kid.  There’s just something about a rink burger…  Elijah had a great time as usual – he just really loves the game right now.  The first game we played Zdeno Chara (I’m not sure how they snuck a 12 year old into the 3-4-5 league) and the Predators and lost about 15-4.  Elijah was discouraged by the loss (“They killed us!”) but played pretty well and even got a few goals on the big guy’s line.  The second game we destroyed the Canadiens by about the same score, and Elijah scored a bunch and even got a nice wrap around goal, along with some good passes to his linemates Tommy, Sam & Grace.  It was great to see some of the smaller players on our team get to score a few goals and spend some more time with the puck.  There was also an attempt to teach a lesson after game two…. “You know how you felt when the Predators beat you?  You think maybe that’s how the Canadiens are feeling now?”

Elijah #11 First Hockey Tournament in Odessa Jan 30, 2011



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