Good Friday

Two videos that gave me chills this morning…


Winter Christian

This post from Richard Beck makes a lot of sense to me.  I definitely resonate with the Winter Christian idea (I’m sure anyone who knows me well will be stunned by that one).  Here’s a small quote that also might explain a few things for Tara & I as we consider faith in our own ways.  In my opinion it’s also a place where most the churches I’ve attended struggle as well, something to consider.

The most powerful impact I’ve seen when I’ve shared this model is from the married couples where one person is Summer and the other is Winter. Before they married they knew each other to be people of faith (i.e., high communion). But little did they know how different they would be on the complaint dimension (i.e., Summer vs. Winter). Each person tended to think there was something “wrong” with the other. She thought his complaint was a sign of unfaith (Recall the polar model?). He thought her lack of complaint was a sign of naiveté. But after hearing the model the couple comes to the realization that he is Winter and she is Summer and each are legitimate ways with God. In fact, each needs the other. No one is wrong. Both are right. So they can transition from trying to change each other to trying to learn from each other.

The Broken Wheel Gets the Grease

From Rick Warren on Twitter: @RickWarren: It’s the broken wagon wheel that squeaks.Complaining & criticizing just publicizes our brokenness & immaturity to others.

Richard Beck/Introverts in the Church

An interesting post on introverts in the church by Richard Beck.  I’ve really been enjoying his blog lately.

The Future of Evangelicals: A Conversation with Pastor Rick Warren

This is a very long but very interesting transcript of Rick Warren talking with a bunch of journalists in Washington.  I found it here.

I get the impression from some of my friends that they don’t like Rick Warren because… well…. how can you be rich and famous, american, white etc.  and a good Christian?  Or maybe they don’t like him/read anything of his cause his books actually sell, I don’t know.

I’ve always liked him – sometimes he’s a little tooooo quotable and pithy for me, but he just makes sense on so many issues – and from all appearances, he really gets things done, and with the right spirit.  As you can see from this article – he works very hard to stay away from emphasizing the typical hot-button issues – and continually steers things back to some very basic things – love, generosity and compassion being some of them. I can agree with that.

Highlights from this article for me include his discussion on fundamentalism (anyone of any belief system who stops listening), his(Saddleback’s) organization which is attempting to  bring back some “civility” to America, and his words on generosity, and what he has done with the millions of dollars he has made from his books (a hint – he gives almost all of it away).


Just watched this cool video about charity: water.

I found it at Catalyst Voices, which has a link to this very interesting NYtimes article about the founder of Charity:Water Scott Harrison.

Stuff Christians Like and Resisting the Vampires

Just yesterday I ran across this very funny blog – he’s poking fun at Christians, so watch out.  Here’s a clip from this morning’s post…

I’m even prouder of Christianity for not jumping on the vampire, werewolf, zombie band wagon right now….  We’re thinking about it, I can feel it coming in the air tonight like Phil Collins. Across the country pastors are tempted to do Twilight sermon series. Around the world, Christian authors are thinking about the parallels of the everlasting life of a vampire and the true everlasting life of a Christian. Christian film producers are feeling the siren’s call of Final Cut screenplay software. “Just write a Christian version of Twilight, just write a Christian version of Twilight.”

Hold strong! Unless you’re a youth minister, resist the urge to work teenager romance vampire references into your sermons. Fight the good fight! We can do this. We can resist this trend.


If we’ve already lost, if there is already a Christian version of Twilight that I don’t know about because I’m wicked out of touch, please don’t tell me. Let me have this moment please. Let me have this moment.

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