New Vacuum

A few weeks ago thanks to a kind benefactor, we bought the vacuum that we have been thinking about for a few years. So far, it’s pretty impressive actually – if impressive should be used with regards to a home cleaning device.  The first time, I did the classic test – I ran over the carpet with our old vacuum then the Dyson – the results were…. impressive.  A whole lot of dust and dog hair was picked up by the Dyson.  Anyway – so far, we can recommend the DC23.


5 Responses to New Vacuum

  1. Nic says:

    does it do your laundry? can you put mp3’s on it? time travel?
    or just vacuuming?

  2. Barry Hugo says:

    Sure….buy the good stuff after I’ve left the house.

    Smiles to all!

  3. Barry Hugo says:

    Actually…they had to buy the good stuff after I left their house.

    I shed.

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