69/300 Self Portrait: Creepy Movember Stache

This is my one day addition the the Movember Cause.   I had many strange comments including “ewwww”, “yuck” and outright laughter.  I was happy to be mistaken for Tom Selleck by cousin Malcolm – he’s a handsome fellow (Tom & Mac).  The strangest thing is when people don’t say anything and you wonder if they think you’re seriously trying to grow a creepy mustache.  I had to shave it off – people kept averting their eyes when I was talking to them.

Go support Jeremy & Wilf – guys will real mustaches.  They don’t even look as creepy – okay, Jeremy is a bit strange, but Wilf looks normal.  None of us want anything to do with Prostrate Cancer though – go give some money!


Movember 2010



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