21/300 Waskesiu

My Waskesiu tour guide - I think there's a wolf in the ditch if you look real close

Have to add two pics today.  Wednesday I had the chance to work and spend the night in Waskesiu.  This meant I got to spend the evening with Mr. Barry Hugo our good friend who runs the Lakeview Hotel.  It’s always good to see Barry… who also gives a great tour of Prince Albert National Park  (that must be part of the government rate for the room).

Waskesiu Lake just after sunset


3 Responses to 21/300 Waskesiu

  1. Harold Knapp says:

    Beautiful Pictures… Go get em’ Elijah! 🙂

  2. Nic Olson says:

    ‘Adolescent Pride’ hey? Did you hear that one on Oprah? I am a stubborn man who lacks pride. I’ve got a blog for all that garbage. But yes, the apocalypse is nigh.

    • Tim says:

      Ok if anyone ever deserved the Oprah insult… I might have… can I call it manly stubbornness? I have officially defriended pseudo Nic on Facebook, and will await the apocalyptic day when you the real Nic joins up.

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