Where I’ve Been 7: Listening

  • Patty Griffin (I’m a new fan – so I’m listening to everything)
  • Gungor – Beautiful Things.  Saw a video of the title track on Steve’s blog.  Wish I hadn’t bought the rest of the album – but I really like that song.
  • Jack Johnson‘s Latest
  • Ian Tyson “All the Good’uns”             ai yai yai…
  • 620 CKRM
  • 980 Talk Radio (My co-worker always has it on)

4 Responses to Where I’ve Been 7: Listening

  1. Nic Olson says:

    nothing quite like the soothing voice of John Gormley.

  2. jerms says:

    sorry to hear you have to listen to gormley. he is terrible. haha. like the fox news of canada.

  3. xbtotherockx says:

    most days, i would like to punch gormley in the mouth. sometimes he’s useful, but mostly a word i can’t say. i can say it, but i’m a pastor and not supposed to, so i’m going to be all holy on you guys.

  4. kendra says:

    Tim!!!! Patty Griffin – welcome to the fan club. I love love love her!

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