Computer Geek Keyboard Tips

I still don’t consider myself a true computer geek, but I have hung around some over the past few years, and here’s a few tips to start you on your way to true geekdom.

  • Copy and Paste is your friend.  learn the shortcuts.  Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X.  I use these two hundred times a day.  Even true programmers use it all the time, they’re just faster.  Hitting many keys really fast and avoiding your mouse is a good way to intimidate non-geek people.
  • when in doubt, Right Click.  I never used it before I went to geek school, now I do it a hundred times a day.  Very useful in Microsoft Office.  It’s one of the things I still find annoying about my Mac – that the right-click menu is kind of hidden and less useful.
  • Double click to select a word.  I only figured this one out when I was 3/4 done school unfortunately.  Very useful along with copy and paste!
  • There are very few mistakes that can’t be fixed.  This is huge for non-computer people I’ve helped through work – they are scared to wreck something.  I’ve noticed that computer guys never worry about it.  As long as your important data is saved – almost anything can be fixed.  It might take a while, but in the end you can always reinstall it all.

Yeah, I know – not that amazing, but try ’em out – I bet they are useful – and that’s all I got.


2 Responses to Computer Geek Keyboard Tips

  1. May says:

    To go with your last point, Ctrl-Z is a great way to back out of changes before they become permanent.

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