Stuff Christians Like and Resisting the Vampires

Just yesterday I ran across this very funny blog – he’s poking fun at Christians, so watch out.  Here’s a clip from this morning’s post…

I’m even prouder of Christianity for not jumping on the vampire, werewolf, zombie band wagon right now….  We’re thinking about it, I can feel it coming in the air tonight like Phil Collins. Across the country pastors are tempted to do Twilight sermon series. Around the world, Christian authors are thinking about the parallels of the everlasting life of a vampire and the true everlasting life of a Christian. Christian film producers are feeling the siren’s call of Final Cut screenplay software. “Just write a Christian version of Twilight, just write a Christian version of Twilight.”

Hold strong! Unless you’re a youth minister, resist the urge to work teenager romance vampire references into your sermons. Fight the good fight! We can do this. We can resist this trend.


If we’ve already lost, if there is already a Christian version of Twilight that I don’t know about because I’m wicked out of touch, please don’t tell me. Let me have this moment please. Let me have this moment.


One Response to Stuff Christians Like and Resisting the Vampires

  1. hahaha.
    i had a new moon party for the teens at our house and then we went to see the movie. and then we had a big gushing sleepover.
    the following sunday, peter was trying to come up with ways i could parallel the twilight saga with our lives as Christians! i just could not do it. way too cheesy. he knew it too.
    just funny that you posted this right afterward!

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