• Grandparent * 2 – two times the grandparents, exponential the fun!
  • Last exam, clean out the locker.


  • Walk across stage in funny gown, don’t trip, successfully receive fake certificate.
  • confirm casual work with the Saskatoon Health Region
  • Grad Supper: lots of inside jokes that my family is nice enough to laugh at, a very enjoyable evening – I didn’t always think this, but I will miss that group of people.


  • work day – first coat of paint on front of house
  • Watch the Wings win.


  • work day part deux – deux coat finished.
  • Friends join us for a graduation celebration, beautiful day to be in the back yard with good people.
  • Nadal loses, this is always good, mostly because that increases Roger’s chances.
  • Nice supper with the in-laws.
  • Watch the Wing win, again.  Pittsburgh is putting up a pretty good fight, but Detroit just has too much for them – and that’s without Datsyuk.  Hossa is really showing up.
  • book flight to Calgary for trail ride with the Father In Law.

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