2009 NHL Playoff Predictions Part 3

Blair and I have picked 8 of 12 correctly anyway…

Eastern Conference

(4) Pittsburgh v. (6) Carolina
Penguins in 7
Well… do I keep betting against Carolina?  I gotta think their streak is going to stop here, but they’ve proved me wrong a couple of times already of course.

Western Conference

(2) Detroit v. (4) Chicago
Detroit in 6
I’m impressed with Chicago, and have been less than impressed at times with how my Red Wings have played for much of these playoffs, but I think they are just too deep and too experienced to lose to the youngsters.  Sorry Kurtis, maybe next year.

3 Responses to 2009 NHL Playoff Predictions Part 3

  1. Nic says:

    The best final since 1993 would be Pitts vs. Chic.
    The worst would be Detroit vs. Carolina. I’d rather watch NBA. Or WNBA.

  2. jerms says:

    I think detroits too good for Chicago. And Carolina has got lucky twice. Their luck ends here

  3. xbtotherockx says:

    tim, we are like soulmates. i’m down with these two picks.

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