NHL Playoffs Round 2

Ok – perhaps I should have known some of my predictions were going to be in trouble when Blair said he agreed with most of them… let’s try that again with half the teams!



Eastern Conference

(1) Boston v. (6) Carolina
Bruins in 6
The Bruins looked pretty good, I’m guessing on this one cause I don’t know much about Carolina, but I just can’t see them taking down Boston.
(2) Washington v. (4)Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh in 7
I think the Caps are finally rolling so it will be a great series.  Probably won’t be as good as all the hype however.  I’m taking Syd the Kid in a long one.

Western Conference

(2) Detroit v. (8) Anaheim
Detroit in 6
I’m actually pretty worried about this series.  Anaheim looked pretty good, specifically Scott Neidermayer.  Having said that, Detroit looked okay as well, hopefully they can dominate this better opponent in the same way.  As everyone knows, the question of course is goaltending.
(3) Vancouver v. (4) Chicago
Canucks in 6
I don’t like the Canucks at all, but Luongo is the man.

5 Responses to NHL Playoffs Round 2

  1. blair says:

    come on, man! we were 6 for 8. that’s pretty good. and new jersey screwed us out of 7 for 8, so i’m blaming them for that one. sorry to inform you, but i’m with you on all these as well. you are now required to fail miserably.

    • Tim says:

      ok Blair, I shouldn’t be so hard on you for copying my picks… the first round was actually pretty boring in some ways wasn’t it?

  2. jerms says:

    bruins, pens, ducks and hawks. My first round sucked too.
    Hope this one goes better

  3. david says:

    And who can blame you for going devils and sharks? Seriously. Big choke on both accounts. I think I’m with you on all these but tightest one for me is caps/pens..

    Good thing the canucks are playing against another team I can’t stand, so now that I’m in vancouver I don’t have to cheer against them yet…

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