Time goes slowly

Michael on Briannes Favorite Horse (Dancer)

Michael on Brianne's Favorite Horse (Dancer)

When you’re sitting at work with all your task done a few hours early…

Tara is off enjoying Harmony’s hospitality in Hong Kong, Elijah & Michael are at the Red Deer grandparents, and Wyatt and I hold down the fort.  Actually since I’m at work, Wyatt is holding the house down I guess – and he’s likely hungry since his supper is going on 3 hours late. 

As per usual, about 2-3 days without my wife & kids is about right… we are now on day 4 of 11…I should be studying, but I am finding motivation hard to find.   Two hard exams Monday & Tuesday then two more Thursday and Friday.  I’m waiting on a couple of jobs after interviews the past few weeks, the chats seemed to go okay but I find it really difficult to read them. 

Elijah taking his turn on 27 year old Dancer

Elijah taking his turn on 27 year old Dancer

I have put a few pictures of our Easter trip to the Foster Farm on Flickr, and a rather long video here for those with time to kill – maybe it will help you procrastinate for something as this blog entry has helped me?


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