All alone

In what I think is a fairly typical kid fashion – Elijah finds lots of reasons to keep from going to bed and then a few more to keep from falling asleep, but last night was a new one.

E: “I don’t want to go stay in bed!” Tara: “Why not?” E: “I’m all alone in here!”  T: “What?” E: “I’m all alone in here!” T: “You’re not alone in here God is always with you, God and your stuffed animals.” E: “but God’s not here, I can’t see him!”

I’m not sure exactly how the conversation ended, but it was filled with reassurance that God was still real and with you even though you can’t see him.  I was thinking… it might not be the last time you try to figure that one out my son…


One Response to All alone

  1. Harm says:

    True enough. Yesterday one of my Sunday School kids said something similar when we were talking about listening to what God says. “But God doesn’t talk! I can’t hear him!”

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