Brian Pengelly’s Story

A few months ago Brian Pengelly came and spoke at our church.  When it comes to homosexuality, I’m just ignorant.  Brian is a gifted speaker, very funny and easy to listen to… in one way – tough in another.  In his words…

people ask me to describe myself and I tell them that I am a Gay, Evangelical Christian Youth Pastor, who is married to a Lesbian. It always makes people do a double take, and some can’t quite wrap their heads around it…but it is what best describes me. If I have learned anything it is that life is complex, and that people don’t fit nicely into our boxes and labels.

He did a good job of communicating in a balanced way a very challenging message.  Again – he had some great jokes, especially for anyone who grew up in church.

I found myself relating to much of his journey of the struggle to walk in faith, which I think is a testament to his ability as a speaker, because at first glance I wasn’t thinking I had much in common with the guy.  Anyway – if you get a chance he’s worth a listen – you can read a version of his story here.

You can watch a bit of Brian on The Hour here.  By the way – I’m not really looking to argue the issue on my blog, I’m sure you can find somewhere else to do that – just pointing you towards a resource that was interesting to me.


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