Elijah’s First WHL Hockey Game

Two weekends ago, Jeremy, Elijah & I went to the Blades game Saturday night vs. the Moose Jaw Warriors.  It was Elijah’s first time at a “big league” game.  He was mildly excited – okay that’s a huge understatement.  The Warriors are in last place in the division and had just traded away their best player – the league’s top scorer.  Saskatoon was in first place in the division.   You can see where I’m headed with this perhaps, with 10 minutes gone in the first period it was 5-0 Blades.  The game ended up 10-1.  At least the goals were happening in our end, so Elijah got to see a bunch of them.  I was wondering if he would stay with it, but it ended up he was very interested in the game – and refused to let us leave until the final buzzer.  Jer & I were ready after period 2 finished.  Elijah was also was lucky enough to get an official game puck from one of the Blades staff who walked by.

All in all it was a fun night, thanks for joining us Jer (and for the pic) – and I still owe you $5.


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