Good ol’ Louis

A good article about one of my favorite authors…

Tell Me A Story Louis L’amour


2 Responses to Good ol’ Louis

  1. Dave McGowan says:

    I think we like the stories precisely because they are simple. Good/bad – right/wrong.
    And if we applied some of the ideals we would realize that our modern day lives can be just as simple. We make them overly complicated for no good reason. Did you do the right thing? Yes. Did it turn out wrong anyway? Yes. Well all you could do was the right thing, so move on.
    The key to all of L’Amour’s efforts are that they are entertaining. I just posted a blog (a week ago?) about that very subject.


  2. Paul says:

    I will have to try to get you a copy of that great commercial we did for Mrs. Husband’s class… you reading your Louis book in a very animated fashion and Torrey whistling “Home On The Range” then breaking in with “Reading… the imagination of a lifetime.” Ah, yes. The good ole days. Hard to believe that was 15 YEARS AGO. Where did it go? Hope you, Tara and family are doing well.

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