last week

We had a good Thanksgiving weekend with the Grandparents and Auntie Nicole visiting from Red Deer.  Grandpa got most of my fall yardwork done for me so I was especially thankful.  This week we attended our second homeroutes concert and heard Mary Murphy – a great evening of Irish music.  Her guitar player/spouse Paul can really play.

Oh ya – we voted, appears the country wants a minority, the question is how long our politicians will play nice together I guess – until we do it all over again.  Somewhere I read that in the 50’s & 60’s we had 4 minority governments in a row – so I guess all of this might not be as new as we might think.

Here’s an interesting quote from wikipedia

In the 1963 election, the Liberals, led by Lester B. Pearson, were also unable to win a majority. The next three years were productive ones, however, as a close working relationship between the Liberals and the New Democratic Party (NDP) resulted in the introduction of Canada’s health care system, the Canadian flag, and the Canada Pension Plan. In 1965, Pearson asked the Governnor General to dissolve Parliament in an attempt to win a majority, but the make up of parliament after the 1965 election remained almost exactly the same, leading to three more years of a productive alliance between the Liberals and NDP.


2 Responses to last week

  1. hey man,
    that’s encouraging to hear. i didn’t realize all that stuff had happened under a minority government. hopefully these governments can figure out how to do that, although most of me feels as if they are all a bit too power hungry to accomplish much. thanks for the history lesson. someone maybe needs to remind all of our MP’s of this lesson as well.

  2. Tim says:

    I was surprised too – Blair – somehow I doubt politicians are any more or less power hungry now than then – I’ll have to find someone who was interested in politics in the 50/60’s and ask them…

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