Hockey Thoughts

Today I participated in a couple of fantasy hockey drafts – I love this time of year.  Elijah has been asking for the last three months “is hockey on?” and I answer with “nope, not until October” as his mother cringes at the thought.  Well October is here, and the season opens with a double header tonight, Tara just can’t contain her excitement. 

Here’s my team in the CFHL, a Yahoo! league with various friends.  I’m pretty happy with my team although there are a few question marks.

1. (10) Joe Thornton  
2. (11) Evgeni Nabokov  
3. (30) Ryan Getzlaf  
4. (31) Jean-Sebastien Giguere  
5. (50) Corey Perry  
6. (51) Marc Savard  
7. (70) Nathan Horton  
8. (71) Markus Naslund  
9. (90) Brian Rolston  
10. (91) Niklas Kronwall  
11. (110) Ed Jovanovski  
12. (111) Patrik Elias  
13. (130) Patrice Bergeron  
14. (131) Alex Tanguay  
15. (150) Dustin Byfuglien  
16. (151) Brian Gionta  

Some thoughts:

  • I wonder if Detroit can live up to the hype.  As much as I like them, I think they’ll go deep into the playoffs but likely won’t be able to pull it off.
  • Montreal is good, but they won’t do it, I just don’t think Kovalev is a winner.
  • Pittsburgh is going to have a real rough start, their defence is hurting and no Sergei Gonchar will have a bigger impact than you might think.
  • Ottawa might get better as people give up on them and expectations aren’t so high, or maybe not.
  • I better leave it at that and get back to work.

2 Responses to Hockey Thoughts

  1. nic says:

    I still don’t get how you could like Detroit. Find a team that still has a soul.
    And two, Kovslev is not a winner, he is the winner. I can’t wait to talk to you a week into June.

  2. Tim says:

    Soul? How about that guy name Stevie Y? I’ll take that as soul for my team any day. You’d rather have “Kovslev” as the soul of your team? No thanks. Greasy hair. I do appreciate your blind adoration for the habs though … reminds me of all the Leafs fans I know.

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