Those Who Labour For The Lord

Some excerpts from a recent post by Patrick Mead regarding the way Preachers/Ministers in the Church of Christ are treated – mostly in regard to $$$.  

Even some larger congregations (over 100, less than 350) were offering salaries that were way below the average of their members. I did some checking on websites that showed the average income of people in different cities, adding in the factor that ministers are usually well educated, checked on the neighborhoods in which the ministers lived and found… in most cases, the new minister would not be able to live in the community where the building was located because he wouldn’t be paid enough.  No wonder many of my friends have left ministry over the last decade. They are selling insurance, teaching school, or running other businesses. They are paid better, have definite periods where they are off work, and have great benefits….

…I’ve talked to many ministers who are slipping into deadly levels of debt because they don’t have enough money to keep their family going. Many (most?) live without adequate health insurance and very, very few have a retirement program. They are on call 24/7 and expected to enjoy living in a fishbowl,…

…it is now much more rooted in the average member’s refusal to give as they have been prospered. I know that that is a HUGE part of this. In my own wonderful congregation, a third of those who attend give between $0-20 a week. I know many of them make salaries over $50k but they rationalize away their lack of giving by saying they don’t always agree with everything the church does, or they have debts, or they are sending a kid to college. Since they don’t put their treasure in the church, their heart isn’t there, either….

…That kind of rationalization has consequences, here and in the hereafter. Jesus told us to honor those who labor among us. His apostles told us the same thing. God told us that it was wrong to keep an ox from eating the corn he was treading! He was working, so he deserved a part of the profits. Church members need to look at their own souls and then step up and honor those humble men and women who are serving them. If not, judgment awaits…

I agree.


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