Random Kindness

I found an old diskette with some documents from my time in Saskatoon in 1997, I was kind of on a kindness kick for a while back there – wonder if these would still apply 10 years later?

Practical Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness

  • When you come out of a mall in winter, scrape the ice and snow off the windows of the car next to yours.

  • The next time you’re in a coffee shop, pay for three or four (or ten!) coffees and give an anonymous gift to the people who are behind you in line.

  • Leave your change in a vending machine.

  • Give a friend a hug for no reason.

  • Put a kind message in a bottle, seal it up and let it float away.

  • Tape a quarter to a pay phone with a note saying that anyone who needs it, please use it.

  • Write notes of appreciation to people who don’t normally receive recognition (firefighters, police officers, janitors, etc.).

  • Send your mother flowers “just because.”

  • Buy something from a vending machine and leave it inside at the bottom for the next person who comes along.

  • The next time you hear of a family or individual who could use some money, send them an anonymous gift (drop it in their mailbox or use a money-order). Money in the mail is so wonderful, especially when you can only guess who it might be from. When you receive anonymous money, it feels like God mailed it to you Himself.


One Response to Random Kindness

  1. Ray says:

    they contnue to be powerful suggestions.

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