Carole Straker

Two days ago Tara & I attended (along with 600+ others) a memorial for Carole Straker.  It was sad but good – good as it could be I guess.  She was an amazing lady, and her family has had a huge impact on my life.  I would write longer but Steve did a great job here– GO READ IT – I completely agree with what he has written and experienced much of the same in my friendship with Carole, although for Tara & I our time was spent more directly with her kids and their families.

I went to Yellowknife in about 1995 and 96 for the summer, and was completely accepted by Bernard & Carole.  I spent many evenings playing horseshoes in their backyard, other games inside or sitting around the living room singing.   A few weekends were spent with them (and many others) at their cabin on River Lake, a place which holds a ton of great memories for me.  When Tara & I moved permanently to YK in 1999 Bernard & Carole were traveling as Sojourners – so the rest of their family took over and drew us into their lives, but we continued to be loved by them as kind of pseudo-grandkids, just like many many others throughout Western Canada were.

Carole is, for me, the best example of a life well lived  – even with its struggles, imperfections and the unfair ending of a life ended too soon by cancer.  If I can live just even a small bit as well as her I will be content.  I along with many others will miss her greatly, but not nearly as much as her family will, who are the most clear sign of just how special a person she was.  We are hurting for them as they begin “normal” life this week – missing an important piece.  Rest in peace Grandma Carole, loving God, loving people – that’s what you did, and you did it well.


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