3 Yrs Last Weekend

We had a great weekend in Regina, Gravelbourg and Kennedy.  We started off with a birthday party for Elijah in Regina – good cake, Saskatoons, tramp jumping and the highlight for Elijah, a Pinata thanks to Auntie Harm.  Elijah just kept hitting it and hitting it, even after Arlen took a turn and demolished it.  He also figured out pretty quick that it was a lot more fun hitting it without the blind fold on, so he just slowly moved it up higher on his head every time he had a turn.   One great part about the party was that Mali & Taya were able to come – they are down visiting Grandma Carole and had just arrived in town before the party.

On Saturday afternoon we journeyed out to Gravelbourg to visit Jeff & Jenn Jacobs and the Bell family.  Dad spoke a couple of times at church on Sunday and we had a great time reconnecting with good friends. 

Monday Dad & I traveled down to Kennedy for a quick visit with Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Heather, Uncle Dave & Uncle John.  As always, it was good to be there and I wished I had done it earlier this Spring.  The highlight would have to be sitting beside Grandma singing Farther Along.  Grandma’s health is not great these days, but she pulled off some good singing for me – pretty special.

Back to work for 3 days, then off to Regina again and then Weyburn for Cody & Dayna’s wedding – looking forward to it.

Better finish here and post so it actually gets there.


One Response to 3 Yrs Last Weekend

  1. Carolyn says:

    Happy birthday Elijah! 3? Wow – look out Mom and Dad because my theory is forget the “terrible two’s” it is “terrible three’s” all the way! How encouraging, eh?!?! No – it’ll be a fun year. Super cute cake Tara! Hope you are doing well – when should I call?

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