A scorcher today – up to 28 at the moment.  I’m sitting in the basement typing, which is still quite cool.  Weekends are great.  Had fun yesterday working on the yard all day yesterday, going for a good bike ride, kids liked playing in the “pool” in the back yard.  I finally got around to putting our rain barrel in place.  Like most good house projects it included a couple or three trips to Home Depot, as I ended up installing a new down spout and significantly modifying another – didn’t find any excuse to buy a new tool, that would have made it a perfect project I guess.  Oh ya – I’m also trying to get grass to grow – but that’s not news.

Tonight for church is a BBQ/potluck out a members acreage, should be enjoyable.  Tara is counting down the days until she leaves for YK (Wednesday) – and half the Ray/Ellen McMillan clan descends on Saskatoon while she is gone.


2 Responses to Weekend

  1. Annita says:

    So I am curious about a couple of things on this one. Is the new rain barrel the “pool?” Also is Tara working or playing in YK?


  2. Tim says:

    Hey Annita – thanks for coming by! The rain barrel is not the pool – although that’s only because it doesn’t have a large enough opening in the top – they were using a cheapo plastic paddling pool, and anything else that has water in it. Tara is mostly working in YK – Deb is still desperate enough for workers that she’ll let us keep going up there for short periods. Tara will also get to spend some time seeing people which will be great.

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