Me & Wyatt & I

Well Tara has taken my boys and gone to Red Deer for the week for some Grandparent time, so I am left with Wyatt and an empty house.  As I always tell people the first couple of days of solitude are usually quite enjoyable, then I start missing the family.  A quick run down of activities as a single no kid no wife guy for the first couple of days. 

  • Shopping: Home depot, Wal-mart (for easy prep food), and some clothes.
  • computer games, with no interupptions
  • run with Wyatt
  • Bike with Wyatt
  • French Open(come on Roger!)
  • Euro Cup 2008
  • Pull Weeds
  • Pray over growing grass
  • Late to bed, late to rise
  • Church by myself-kind of strange.
  • Back to work.

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