HNIC Theme Done?

I was going to post this video earlier, but didn’t get around to it.  Whenever the Hockey Night In Canada starts Elijah wants it played very loud “Loud Daddy Loud!”- and yes, sometimes he throws a girly fit if I don’t do it fast enough.  According to this article, and this website, which looks to be owned by the composer – CBC is going to try something new next year.   Apparently the contract was up after last night’s game and the CBC doesn’t want to keep paying $500 every time they use the song.  That would be sad.   There’s a lot of good history in that song.  The CBC is also saying that a deal might be worked out, they were probably just testing the water to see how ticked people were going to be.


One Response to HNIC Theme Done?

  1. Harm says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh!!! That is way too awesome!!!!! I love it!!!! What a kid! One month…

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