More “Before the Throne”/Shane & Shane

Well for Malcolm’s sake – I’m sure you’ll love this beautiful rendition – here’s the page with the “sweet hour of prayer” playing… and I did find the version from England that you were talking about as well (here on YouTube)- and realize now that’s where I had heard it first years ago.  It appears they don’t have the little chorus in that version anyway(refrain?? What is the correct term StewtheHymnGuru?).  Sounds to me like the girl from Phatfish – who we heard at YC one time.

For those who didn’t yet get to see Shane & Shane in concert and are wondering about this song that has created discussion – you could go watch a live and very raw version on Youtube here.  It appears that Selah and SonicFlood have a version, but if you don’t mind – I won’t link to these.  classic band that sonicflood.


3 Responses to More “Before the Throne”/Shane & Shane

  1. Harm says:

    Yep…that sure is Lou from Phatfish…I was slightly obsessed with that girl’s voice some years ago….Jeremy and Sarina would remember this well from the good ol’ days in London! Ha ha…good times.

  2. Stewart says:

    Do I really need to confirm my hymn-geek status here?? Kevin Twit would say that one of the distinguishing factors between a “hymn” and a “gospel song” (i.e. Ira Sankey and the Dwight Moody revivals or any Fanny Crosby song) is that hymns don’t have refrains. Typically, a true hymn wouldn’t have a refrain and you’re supposed to refer to Fanny Crosby’s songs as “gospel songs.”

    It seems like our current state of pop music demands a chorus out of us, though, eh?

    And Malcolm, if you’re still not convinced that “Sweet Hour of Prayer” works, then call me and I’ll sing it to you!!!

  3. Malcolm says:

    OK, OK. I repent. Anything to make the bad keyboard music stop. “It’s sucking my will to live!”

    Actually, I was singing it in my head in my car the next day and it finally made sense.

    Fanny Crosby. Sidney’s great-great-great-grandmother? Isn’t Fanny a great name? In her day, it would have been like someone today being named “Butt”. It makes me smile.

    By the way, it also makes me smile how Stew says “our current state of pop music”. I can actually hear the disdain and feel the force with which hits the keyboard on those words. 😉

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