Bethany Dillon/Shane&Shane/DavidNasser/Starfield

Last night’s concert was pretty good – parts of it were excellent.  Bethany Dillon did about 3 songs and was okay, but it was fairly obvious that she was along for the ride.  They had the bass cranked up way too high during her show and her vocals were quiet so that was unfortunate, since she really does have a great voice and some very cool lyrics.  She just married Shane Barnard, which kind of explains why they are touring together I guess.

Shane & Shane, the reason I was attending the concert, were as good as expected – and my expectations were very high.  My new facebook friend cousin Malcolm had told me that their concerts were worth attending and very authentic – which I found to be true.  They seemed like mature and very authentic performers -and they can really play and sing. 

Nasser was okay – about like I remembered him from a few years ago when I saw him about 4 times over 2 years.  At least it was a new sermon, unlike those 4 times.

We didn’t make it through Starfield they were loud and had flashing lights that made me feel really old.

The craziest thing of the night was the trajedy that had happened to the tour during their concert last Friday in Abbotsford, when the floor of the church they were playing in collapsed and the first few rows of people and the bands light/sound towers fell in to the basement – some were injured seriously and are still in the hospital – sounded like a crazy crazy night, and you could tell it had had a big impact on everyone performing on the tour.  More info here.


2 Responses to Bethany Dillon/Shane&Shane/DavidNasser/Starfield

  1. Harm says:

    Wow, that’s crazy re: the collapsing roof. Too bad about Bethany Dillon- I enjoy her stuff so much…I would have liked to see her live.

  2. Tim says:

    Not that she wasn’t good harm, but she only did 3 songs and the sound was bad so that was unfortunate. She did do “beautiful” as her last one with just her and the guitar and it was really good.

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