Second Round Predictions

Well the second round begins tonight, last night was tough for me and Elijah with no hockey to watch after a couple weeks of 6 hours a night. Time to make some more predicts.  I’m 5/8 in the first round which is better than I usually do in these type of things.

 vs.  I’m disappointed Alex the Great didn’t pull off the win in game seven, but don’t think the habs will have much problem with the Flyers.  HABS in 5.

vs.  I really like the Penguins, but I don’t really like their goalies.  NewYork in 7.

vs.  Detroit of course – it might take them a few but they’ll get it done.  WINGS in 6.

vs. This one is tough – maybe the tighest series I think, I like the Sharks, but don’t think they will pull it off.  Dallas in 7.


2 Responses to Second Round Predictions

  1. hey tim,
    i only agree with you on the HABS…big surprise…i think pittsburgh will get er’ done in 6. colorado will beat detroit in 7. and san jose will beat dallas in 7.

    you heard it here first! i can predict the future.

  2. jerms says:

    montreal in 6, pens in 6, stars in 7 and wings in 6

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