Dirtbike comes alive again

Saturday Grandpa L & the boys & I had a great day – we started with Men’s Breakfast at McDonalds then stopped at the Yamaha shop to check out some bikes and buy a link for our bike’s chain.  Grandpa installed the links and the ol’ MX100 – which is turning 30 next year – fired up after a couple kicks. The smell and whine of the 2 stroke still brings back great memories of buzzing around Grandma’s farm when I was much younger…  Elijah is a little wary of the loud noise but getting used to it – Michael heard it start up and came running, stood about 2 feet away and just stared and sucked in the fumes…


One Response to Dirtbike comes alive again

  1. cousin autumn says:

    awww soo cute!!I miss you Guys sooo much!!

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