NHL – First Round Playoff Predictions

Eastern Conference
1. vs 8.    Montreal In 5

2. vs 7.   Pittsburgh in 7

3. vs 6.   Caps in 6

4. vs 5.   NJ in 6

Western Conference
1. vs 8.   Detroit in 5

2. vs 7.   Sharks in 7

3. vs 6.   AVs in 6

4. vs 5.   Ducks in 7


Anyone else?  As usual, see James Mirtle for great hockey coverage, and for where I borrowed the pictures from.



3 Responses to NHL – First Round Playoff Predictions

  1. John says:

    I agree with all except I think the Rangers will take out NJ and although the Sharks will beat the Flames I don’t think it’ll go 7. Oh and I think the Oilers have a good shot. Next year.

  2. yeah tim, i am right on with you, except i think the ducks will beat dallas in 6 and the sharks will beat the flames in 6. good picks, though. great minds think alike.

  3. Nic says:

    you gave ottawa a lot of credit there. but i guess i’m speaking two weeks into playoffs.

    cheer MTL for me when i’m gone. it is the least you can do.

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