Michael’s Second Year begins

Michael’s birthday was a good day.  Sunday mornings are great – just hanging out at home with the family.  A number of good friends came over and celebrated with us after nap time.  As you can see, Michael figured out quickly that sugar tastes good, and forthwith consumed more sugar in 10 minutes of birthday cake than he had in his first 12 months of life.  He vibrated for a while after that for some reason.  We finished off with a good evening at the Connection.  A good day.


6 Responses to Michael’s Second Year begins

  1. brianne says:

    Hey, a one year old’s birthday party AFTER nap time! Great idea guys.

  2. kaleigh says:

    Awh i love Michael!
    did he get is present yet?
    he will love it i bet.
    i wish i could have gone to his birthday party!
    miss you all!

  3. Tim says:

    We think we’re pretty smart too Brianne… no present yet Kaleigh…

  4. that’s a pretty funny time, hey tim? first time makena got cake, she devoured it and went nuts for quite some time. congrats of your beautiful baby boy!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Happy birthday Michael. Very fun. I love the picture – you captured the absolute love of good sweet stuff! Can you believe how fast the years fly?

    Tara – hope you are doing well. Might try to call you sometime soon to catch up. Can you email me your Saskatoon phone number again. I am sure you already have but I doubt I recorded it with my scatterbrained organizational skills!

  6. Nic says:

    good to see you guys. i had a good time. sorry we couldn’t watch Rambo. next time.
    i’ll be back soon enough.

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