GDiapers Take Two

Michael in G DiapersA while ago I posted about Gdiapers, which I thought would be a good alternative to either cloth or disposable diapers, but we found that the shipping would likely be really expensive and kind of forgot about them. This week through a friend Tara found them here in town so she bought a few to try out on Michael.. They were really pretty expensive – but we’re impressed so far. A cool cloth outer, then plastic then a soft liner that’s biodegradable so you can flush it… really a great idea. I’m not sure whether we’ll go for them full time just because of cost, but if they make it to Canada anytime soon I think I’d buy in. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of all those plastic diapers and don’t want to go cloth – I’d recommend these, they’ve worked pretty good for us so far.

Update: from gDiapers website… I guess they might be “officially” here soon, you never know.

“…we’re really happy to tell you that we’re on our way to Canada.  In fact, you can now find gDiapers on shelves in a few locations in western Canada including the Park Royal Whole Foods in Vancouver, BC.

This is the beginning of a slow and gradual, roll-out across Canada over the next six months.  Think of it as baby steps.  So again, thanks for your patience, and keep and eye out for gDiapers in the diaper aisle. …” 


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