Family Update first week home

As I sit here listening to the Kingston Trio on my Dad’s old record player – transferring it to the computer – I thought I’d give a little update of our first week back from holidays.

The main thing is our kids have been sick. Last Friday night Elijah was up all night with a high fever, throwing up once and a cold – weird combination. Now we’ve done a fever a few times with him before so we were mostly okay with it, but never the less spent the weekend debating how long we should wait before we attempt our first trip to SK Emerg. We held out and things went up and down for a few more days. Just when we would think he had kicked it his fever would go back up. Wednesday we tried to get an appt. with our doctor. She didn’t have time. Finally on Thursday we lucked out and got a cancellation. Doc sent Tara for blood and urine tests. This is where SK health care really crapped out. Two different labs they looked for veins in vain – and you can imagine how happy that made the two year old and his mom. They sent us on saying he was dehydrated drink some more and we’ll stab him again see what happens. By that time we were getting more worried and of course Tara was exhausted. We finally went and sat in Emerg for 2 hours and the Blood Lady was able to get some. Have you ever seen how they get a urine test from a 2 year old? I’ll tell you about it some time Nic… let’s just say it’s not much fun for the kid.

Anyway – the conclusion. They went back to the Doc on Friday. Some of the tests didn’t work – she was ticked at the labs. She’ll call us if anything bad shows up. Elijah woke up Friday morning without a fever and back to his usual rambuncious self. Either all the doctor stuff scared it out of him or his mama’s prayer Thursday night found the right ear.

Last night late… (we should have called Benji and Taya since they were up as well) the fever arrived in Michael’s room… let’s hope he can kick it a bit sooner. The adventure continues.

Oh ya – other happenings this week. School started. It was okay. In some ways nice to be back. No homework yet – which is why I have the time/energy to blog I guess.

My parents left for India – they are currently camping out in Hong Kong with Harmony. For blog updates your best bet might be to check out Pam Stonehouse’s blog – so far she is keeping it updated pretty regularly.

One other thing – Dirk was nice enough to take a bunch of time out of his holiday to finish up our wall/roof renovations, which means just a few steps left until the renos are done and we can sell the place.


7 Responses to Family Update first week home

  1. strakers says:

    so sorry to hear about your sick kids. our girls were sick over the holidays too. high fever and all that fun stuff… taya’s fever went up to 104. thankfully we got it down quickly and didn’t have to go to emerg. this time of year is so bad for these nasty viruses. hope michael fights this one quickly and that you guys don’t get it….

  2. Sharon says:

    Sorry to hear your sweet boys are is always a concern..hope you both don’t get it too.

  3. Nic says:

    i really look forward to hearing about that. i’ve always wondered how they did it.
    i’m gonna come visit some weekend soon. maybe jan25. are you going to be there, or is there a rodeo in regina that weekend?

  4. strakers says:

    selling the place?? are you moving back already?

  5. Tim says:

    We have thought about moving back once or twice, but I passed all my classes so far so I guess we’ll stick down here for a bit longer.

  6. kaleigh says:

    you should probably try failing so you can move back?
    p.s i called your house last week, forgetting that you are an hour ahead of us.
    and you didnt answer, but i mostly just wanted you to remind me what day exactly is michaels b-day?

  7. Tim says:

    I’ve thought of it a few times Kaleigh… you should call again sometime. Michael’s birthday is this Sunday (the 20th) – want to come for cake?

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