Where we’re at

This weekend was nice – just stayed at home, didn’t do much but relaxed.  One of the best things in life these days is Saturday and Sunday mornings when the boys wake up and join mom & dad in bed for a while.  I don’t like the whole family bed sleeping with kids thing at all, but it’s fun to wake up together.  Michael is more fun all the time – he’s starting to figure out how to tackle back his big brother, which adds to the excitement – first kids are inherantly wimpy of course, so I think Elijah is going to be more and more the victim as time goes on.

Near the end of last week our final renovation projects began with the arrival/purchase of bathroom vanity and kitchen flooring.  With Barry’s help, I’m hoping the flooring will be installed over the next few days, and with my Dad’s help, the vanity should be operational by the end of next weekend.  Tara also painted our back entry, so other than touch ups, our painting upstairs is done (for now).

Only 2 weeks of class left, then one week of exams and we are off to Alberta for Christmas, and I am done almost 1/4 of this school adventure.

Buying chocolate in the next month?  Have you heard of Fair Trade Chocolate before?  I hadn’t before last night at church.  Apparently much of our chocolate originates through what is basically slave labour in Africa.  I’m having trouble finding Canadian suppliers or websites – but here’s a couple websites for more info.  Something to consider as we munch our Turtles this Christmas season.


Global Exchange


Transfair Canada


3 Responses to Where we’re at

  1. i didn’t know that little stat about the chocolate, but i have eaten some yummy fair trade chocolate before. ten thousand villages. it’s the place for many things fair trade.

  2. John says:

    Yeah man. Coffee gets the bad rap but Cocoa plantations are among the worst.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hehehe we sent you a christmas gift in the form of yellowknife temperatures…hehehe suckers.

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