Good end week

Now that was a good weekend.  Let’s start back on Wednesday.  It took us all day to get registration and insurance figured out, but about half an hour after the dealership was supposed to close we drove away in our new car.  A Toyota of course, Matrix to be exact.

Friday we drove that new veehickle on a test cruise down to Regina for Agribition.  Friday night we had fun settling in at Grandma’s house then Saturday we toured the barns.  Elijah had a great time seeing all the big machinery and animals with Arlen – Elijah’s parents had a great time walking around and letting Arlen chase their kid.  Brianne just hung around the mini donkeys.  Saturday night the grandparents & A&A graciously took care of the children and Tara & I got to go to supper and the rodeo with Mark, Karen, Ken, Wilma, Doug, Cindy, Arlen, Brianne, & Kaleigh & Friends – Tara’s first ever.  It was a fun night.

We came home Sunday morning and finished off the weekend watching the Green & White demolish the puky yellow and navy blue…. a great way to end a great weekend.


2 Responses to Good end week

  1. Harm says:

    That DOES sound good! How about some pics of the wheels?? And the kids at the agribition…I bet you got some good ones!

  2. John says:

    Good Taste on the Matrix. What color? Speaking of color, I hardly think your Riders demolished the Bombers. They won by 4 against a quarterback in his first CFL game. But. . .I know its been awhile since you guys won so whatever makes it that much sweeter. Ha Ha.

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