The weekend again?

That last post was for John – I propose a gridblog actually – for John, topic will be, why I love facebook, only post every 21 days and am way too busy.   To be honest, I think this blog will have to serve the simple purpose of sharing information for a while – perhaps that was what it did best all along…

This was a busy week.  2 more midterms gone.  Seems like I’ve been taking midterms for a long time – 4 or 5 weeks actually.  Now we are done, and finals are in 3 weeks.  I’m really looking forward to Christmas break.

Let’s see what other mundane details I can share.  Our vacuum broke.  Thankfully it was a 5.50$ fix.  It would have been nice to buy the new Dyson, but it’s also nice that we didn’t have to shell out the other $595.

Barry moved in to live with us this week.  It’s good to have him around, although I haven’t been around much to visit with him yet.

The laminate flooring has been ordered.  Maybe we’ll get that done by Christmas.

We’re getting a new car next week.   Any guesses on the kind?

Nicole, Cindy and Brianne all came to visit this weekend, so the boys are enjoying hanging out with them.


8 Responses to The weekend again?

  1. Leah&Craig says:

    my guess is a k-car hatch back. brown with yellow highlights. Tara’s gonna LOVE her bday present!!

  2. brednich says:

    hey Tara – Happy birthday to you. 38 years old already! where has the time gone?!?! hope your day is great!

    Love, Carolyn

  3. taramc says:

    If I’m 38 I guess that means you are 40 – wow!

  4. Nic says:

    tim said I could stay at the house this weekend? is that still an offer?
    i’ll feed wyatt.

  5. Nic says:

    hey guys. sorry i forgot to call. looks like i’ll be staying elsewhere for the weekend.
    but i’ll come visit soon, when you are actually home.
    thanks anyways.

  6. Tim says:

    No problem Nic – just come back and visit us some other time…

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