Thought I’d give you an update on our lives this week because something BIG happened!

Michael and I got to fly up to Yellowknife for the week.  I realize this might not be a big deal to you, but to me this was HUGE!  I got to fly “home” to the Great White North and I am quite happy about this.

 My boss at the RCMP e-mailed us asking if one of us could come to YK to do some relief work and a few days later – here I am.  I drove to Regina on Tuesday morning and left Elijah with his Grandma.  At noon Michael and I flew on the RCMP plane to Calgary, where he got to see his Red Deer Grandparents, and then we continued on to YK that night.  Since then I have been working Day shifts while Cindy has been working Day shifts watching Michael.  I am mostly here because there is a Memorial Service in Hay River on Saturday for Cst. Chris Worden and there are a lot of people that want to go to that.  Besides that they are also short workers here and are in need of a lot more people.  I work till Saturday, have Sunday off and then fly home on Monday.

 It has been really wierd being up here.  I feel like I was on holidays for a couple months and now I am back home.  At night I don’t go back to my cozy trailer, but instead, I go to the mansion on the Tees Court hill – but that is really the only difference.  Well that and I get to drive around the red limo – very cool! 

 Last night I went with Cindy to her small group and I kind of did the “ugly cry” thing.  I just felt so comfortable and at home with all those women and I knew that in some ways I have been missing out on the relationship building that is going on there.  I think just all the emotions hit me at the same time and I just felt sad.  I realize that life isn’t perfect here and the grass definatley isn’t green right now (lots of snow and -13), but to me it is home.  This is what I am used to, where I feel comfortable, where my friends are and this is the life I know. 

I know that this well get better with time and I am starting to settle into life in Saskatoon, but it is such a long, uncomfortable process.  The trip has had some tears because it’s finally hit me that I don’t live here anymore, but it has also been a nice break.  I know your wondering how it could be a break when I am working 12 hr days and then taking care of Michael at night, but for me it has been a week of that peacful, comfortable feeling once again. 


3 Responses to Yellowknife

  1. codypeterson says:

    I’m really glad that you got to come to town Tara. It did feel like you had just been on vacation for a long time and that now you were back. We really enjoyed having the both of you guys up here. Thanks for being such a good friend!

  2. Leah&Craig says:

    nice to hear a bit about you Tar. so glad you got to go ‘home’ – it’s the best feeling! and so true about feeling uncomfortable in a new place, but you have hope that it will get better with time. try to hold onto that attitude.
    we miss you guys and think of you in S’toon often and wonder how it’s going. maybe we can connect while we’re in Canada for January – that would be great!
    Take Care!

  3. Jenn J says:

    Tara- I’m a bit teary after reading your post. I sure relate to that feeling of missing that homey/comfortable feeling- even though I feel like I should have that feeling where I am. Just miss a lot of those relationships. Thanks for putting it into words!
    We haven’t been to Toon town in years- but I’m thinking we should make the trip & come see you guys…..

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